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Chewing Gum

Recently, I decided to stop chewing my Trophy chewing tabbaccy. I've chewed off and on for years but quit cigs back in 96.So the VA hospital gave me Nicorette and Wellbutrin. I passed on the wellbutrin, used to give it to the boys at the wilderness school I worked at. So it's Nicorette, which tastes quite similar to hydroginated Yak dung. Gum, last time I chewed was in jr hi or maybe in Nam,cause it came in c rats and tasted like hydroginated Water buffalo dung. So off to the candy store I go or Food Lion, as it haMFened to be.They have cute cashiers,very important. So they have wrigley's, they even have big red, but i cant find black jack, my favorite from 1956. Gum hasn't changed much, maybe more exotic flavors, but after 15 minutes the taste is gone, same as 1956, no progress,zip, nada. Except the packaging. There is one called 5 that has great artwork on the packages, highlighting different colors for various flavors like cobalt and rain. Its made by Wrigley, and theres one with changing flavors Stride Shift. But wwhat I really want is my black jack!
It also seems that Generale Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, ya know the guy who whuMFed Jim Bowie,Davy Crockett and Col Travis. Seems he had a big part to play in the gum industry with Thomas Adams, who was Black jack's creator.

Santa Anna lived in exile in Cuba, the United States, Colombia, and St. Thomas. In 1869, 74-year-old Santa Anna was living in exile in Staten Island, New York. He was trying to raise money for an army to return and take over Mexico City. During his time in New York City, he is credited with bringing in the first shipments of chicle, the base of chewing gum. He failed to profit from this, since his plan was to use the chicle to replace rubber in carriage tires, which was tried without success. Thomas Adams, the American assigned to aid Santa Anna while he was in the United States, experimented with chicle in an attempt to use it as a substitute for rubber. He bought one ton of the substance from Santa Anna, but his experiments proved unsuccessful. Instead, Adams helped to found the chewing gum industry with a product that he called "Chiclets".[8]




An Old Tale

Abul Hassan

Abul Hassan lived in Baghdad at the time of the Caliph Haroun ar-Rashid. His father was a wealthy man, and when he died, Abul Hassan inherited his great wealth. He divided it into two equal sums: the first he put away and the second he spent on his entertainment. He soon found himself surrounded by people who pretended to like him and pretended to enjoy his company.

In a very short time, he had spent half his fortune on the people around him. Then one day he pretended to have no money left, and to his amazement, his “friends” all left him!

His mother could see how upset he was and told her how his “friends” had deserted him when they thought he had no money. She said to him, “All you can do now is to learn a lesson from this, and to learn to be a better judge of people.”

Abul Hassan resolved to meet new people, share their company for just one day so that they don’t get to know much about him, and after that to never even acknowledge them in the street.
For a whole year, he followed this plan.

One evening Abul Hassan was standing at a bridge when he saw the Caliph Haroun ar- Rashid. The Caliph had disguised himself as a merchant from Mosul, and with him was his servant. Abul Hassan greeted him as he walked by, and invited him to his house to share his dinner. He also made it clear that the invitation was for one meal only.
The Caliph was puzzled by this offer and asked Abul Hassan why he had decided in advance on such conditions. He was even more surprised to hear the explanation, as he and his servant walked home with Abul Hassan.

The evening meal was wonderful and the food abundant. Haroun ar-Rashid was impressed by Abul Hassan’s generosity. He said,”Is there anything you wish for, Abul Hassan?”
“I wish I could be a Caliph for just one day, and punish those five nasty people who live in my neighborhood. They meddle in things that don’t concern them, and no one is free of their intrusions.”

The Caliph laughed at this wish but decided to make it come true. When Abul Hassan was not looking, the Caliph sliMFed some sleeping potion into his cup of tea, and as soon as Abul Hassan finished his cup, he fell asleep. Immediately, the Caliph ordered his servant to carry Abul Hassan to the palace, dress him in the Caliph’s own clothes and put him on the Caliph’s bed. He then ordered all his servants and everyone in the palace to treat Abul Hassan as they would the real Caliph and to obey all his requests.

When the morning dawned and Abul Hassan awoke, he was amazed to find himself in a palace, in a fine bed made of gold, and surrounded by servants saying: “Good morning, oh Prince of the Faithful.”

Abul Hassan was sure he was dreaming, but the people around him assured that he was awake and that he was the Caliph!

Later that morning, Jaafar, the Wazir*, presented himself to the Throne and said: “All the counselors are present, oh Prince of the Faithful.” Abul Hassan was amazed by his surroundings and in a daze of disbelief. The Caliph Haroun ar-Rashid, secretly looking from a window above was delighted as he watched the proceedings.

The first order Abul Hassan gave was for the police to go after the five “friends” and make an example of them to others who might take advantage of people.
Then he ordered that the sum of 1000 dinars be offered to his mother.

Soon afterwards, Abul Hassan went into another room in the Palace. There, the court musicians played the ‘oud and sang the most beautiful songs to him. Again he wondered if he was awake or in a dream.

When nighttime fell over the Palace, Abul Hassan called for a cup of jasmine tea. A servant brought it to his bedside again with a few drops of sleeping potion. Just like the first time, Abul Hassan fell asleep as soon as finished the cup, and the palace servants carried him back to his own bed in his own house in his own neighborhood in Baghdad. What a shock he felt when he awoke the next morning to find himself back in his modest dwelling. His mother came running when she he heard him shout, “Am I not the Prince of the Faithful, Haroun ar- Rashid?”

“Have you lost your mind, my son? You are Abul Hassan.”
“No, no! I am the Price of the Faithful!” he insisted.

His mother tried to distract him and make him come back to his senses. She told him how the police had punished the five men who had taken advantage of his generosity. She showed her son the bag that contained the 1000 dinars the Caliph had sent to her the day before.

“I sent you this money!” he cried. “I sent the police to punish the men! I am the Caliph!”

Still his mother tried to convince him that he could not be the Caliph, that he was a humble man from a humble neighborhood, yet he refused to listen. The neighbors heard him call out,” I am the Caliph! I am the Caliph!” and decided that he had lost his mind. They found a village on the outskirts of Baghdad where they sent him to recover his senses.

Many months later, a subdued Abul Hassan went for a walk and stood on the same bridge he had stoMFed at that fateful night, and lo and behold! He encountered the Caliph again. Haroun ar- Rashid waved to him and greeted him in a friendly manner but Abul Hassan was not pleased. After much cajoling and an apology for the trouble he was put through, Abul Hassan returned the greeting and invited Haroun ar-Rashid to his home for suMFer.

When it was time to sleep, the Caliph sliMFed a sleeping potion in his hosts’ tea, and ordered his servant to carry Abul Hassan to the Palace again. When Abul Hassan awoke the next morning, he thought he must be dreaming! The musicians were playing music, the singers were singing and the dancers were dancing around him.

He said to Jaafar, the Wazir, “Who am I?” Jaafar replied, “You are the Caliph, Haroun ar-Rashid.”

Abul Hassan said to a servant, “Bite my ear. If I am awake, I will feel the pain. If I am sleeping I will wake up.”
The servant did as he was told and Abul Hassan screamed out in pain. “Now I know that I am awake. I also know that I am the Caliph Haroun ar-Rashid. I am the Prince of the Faithful! This is my Palace with its entire splendor. I am not Abul Hassan!”

Haroun ar-Rashid was watching from behind a curtain and could not contain his laughter anymore. Abul Hassan heard the noise, pulled the curtain back and saw the Caliph laughing wholeheartedly. He instantly recognized the man and realized what had haMFened and bowed to the Caliph. Haroun took his arm, helped him stand up, embraced him tightly and the two became best of friends.




Just A Thought

I was reading in a book about a love affair that was beginning to take shape,"like watching a Polaroid" develop, when it occured to me that many younger folks many not have familiarity with that obsolete technology that we thought was so miraculous back in the sixties.




Sufi Wisdom

Good, the teacher points out,is to man what he likes;evil what does him harm. These ideas change with location,nationality and time. Every vice has been a virtue and every good has been called a sin or crime.




Nasrudin Speaks

One day there was news in every corner of the town about the Mullah's donkey which he lost it. When his neighbours heard the news they got sad and decided to go to mullah's house and help him to find his donkey. So they came to mullah's house and they saw that mullah is very haMFy and very thankful from god! They find it very interesting and asked mullah: " Mullah aren't you sad about loses of your donkey?" Mullah laughed and said I am haMFier because god helped me that I was not riding it other wise I was lost as well.




No Fedex Please!

I don't know about you, but I am always having trouble with FedEx. Ever since Tom Hanks lost Wilson, service has gotten worse by the day.
I get alot of packages. USPS and UPS are great in getting stuff here on time. FedEx, n the other hand, has problems with rural delivery. OK, I live in the AMFalachian backwoods, miles from any town, but I do live near a paved road. UPS makes it. But they pay overtime. FedEx drivers have to head home at 5 PM whether they make their deliveries or not. Forget it if their is one flake of snow, home they go. UPS has gotten here as late as 8PM and in a blizzard. I have written numerous letters and e mails to FedEx, first i got form letter replies, now I am ignored. I am expecting a package from Banned Vendor,tracking says its on the truck, the weather is wonderful, no snow and the creek ain't up.UPS has been here today and my wonderful mail lady has arrived with some books, but no FedEx. Its almost 5PM and I expect, when I go to tracking later, it will say their was a "delivery exception" for reasons beyond their control. If this is any indication of their service worldwide, I sure wouldn't buy any of their stock.




The Great Recession

I've heard this term used frequently. The Great recession is going to eventually change the way we work and do business as much as the Great Depression. i was born at the end of WW II and all my parents ever seemed to say was how bad it was in the depression. Today, while surfing news I found some signs of how this event will change us. First off, companies are hiring part time, temporary and contractual labor. That means no benefits, no insurance, no retirement no employer matched funds going to unemployment and social security. This analyst predicts 60% of jobs to be of this kind by 2012.
Colorado Springs has started a program that basically ends many municipal services and replaces them with volunteers. Grounds maintenance, parks and rec, some social services are being picked up my volunteer organizations and faith based groups.
In Arizona( and perhaps elsewhere) in an effort to raise revenue are stoMFing and ticketing out of state motorists and demanding high fines. 62% of ticketed motorists are ignoring the tickets. People( not only Hispanics) are avoiding Arizona like the plague!
With all the conservative talk of limited government and privatized services, we are going to see a very different America emerge.An America of haves and have nots, with great barriers in between.
Anyone interested in reading about one man's vision of the future, should pick up a few books by Robert Kaplan. It gets kind of scary.
OK,I'm an old fart and ain't going to around for too long. I am dependent on entitlements right now, social security suMFlements a meager retirement account that lost over 50% in Oct 2008 and I depend on the Veteran's Administration for my health care. Most of you all out there in Hookahland seem to be in your 20's. I reckon when you are my age those entitlement programs that came out of the Great Depression are going to be gone. Listen to Conservative talk radio, everyone on welfare, disability,social security and unemployment are parasites. That's where things are going, for better or for worse, who knows, America is broke, and barring some miracle is going to slide into that club of past great powers like the UK and France. By 2050 it's going to be a very different world.




Summer Time!

Here it is my favorite time of year; smoking hookah outside, friends, family, barbecues and fresh produce. My only wish is that it was a little longer. I love the season all four but summer has always been my favorite. The years here increase and the summers grow shorter. As a child summer seamed endless, as a young adult action packed, now as mature father seams it just gets started and its time to think school, and winter coats.......snow shovels, and holidays and before you know it the cycle repeats. Is time moving faster? Or am I just racing through time?




A Sufi Tale

Death looks for Hassan in Samarkand
Hassan was a novice in Baghdad. He went to a Sufi Sheik to have his fortune read. The Sheik told him that he was under grave danger and death might visit him soon. As it haMFened death entered Baghdad that day to take the life of ten thousand whose time had come. Upon hearing about the carnage and how everyone was dying of the plague, Hassan flew to far away city of Samarkand. As he left Baghdad, he shivered with fright as he passed the shadow of death. Death who saw Hassan looked in his book and thought to himself, "I wonder what is going on? I am suMFosed to take him to the other side in four weeks in Samarkand. Why is he in Baghdad?




Hookah History

I came across this while surfing. Name of the source is unfortunately missing. And there are parts of I don't agree with, but posted here for your pleasure.

The origin of Hookah smoking can be dated millennia back and its initial traces have been found in the North Western provinces of India alongside the border of Pakistan in the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Hookahs of the ancient times were very simple, rSPAM!!!ed and archaic in design. The initial Hookahs were crafted out of a coconut shell base. The Hookah headed for Persian Kingdom and made its way towards Pakistan, Afghanistan, many parts of Asia and Arab parts of Northern Africa. To know more about the origin & history of Hookah smoking, read on…

While on the way to Persia, Hukkah smokers came across a new concept of Tombeik, which refers to a dark tobacco that is predominantly cultivated in modern day Iran. Tombeik is washed and packed in the large heads designed in the old style. Hot coal is then aMFlied to the wet Tombeik and this lends a strong flavor to the tobacco. These primitive style heads of Hookah were more popularly known as "ghelune" amongst the Persians. The Hookahs designed at the time of Persian Empire are still crafted with hand using pieces of wood.

By the nineteenth century, many women in Persia indulged in Hukkah smoking considering it to be a great pastime activity. When Hookah found its way in Turkey, it gained momentum at a very fast pace. It became an icon of fashion and a symbol of high status. It transformed completely in terms of its style and design. It became quite complex in designing and attained its final shape that we find today. New additions were made like the introduction of brass and glass in the designing of Hukkah water pipe. To enhance the aesthetic aMFeal, mosaics and elaborate paintings were added.

Hookah saw tremendous popularity in its growth in the Turk society. It went to the extent of finding its way in the bars. The Hookah bar tender was given the same status as that of a chef, due to the extensive preparations required in setting the Hookah. The tradition of smoking Hukkah went a step ahead and headed towards Lebanon and Syria, where it was named Nargile. Later, it migrated to Egypt and Morocco, where it got the name Shisha. In Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates., it is popularly known as Hubble bubble. In the contemporary times, Hookah bars are seen as a social place, where people discuss on varied issues such as politics and several local events.<br style="clear: both;">

Hookah, commonly referred to as "Shisha" or "Nargila" in Arab countries, first originated in India. A common misconception about hookah is that it was invented by Arabs and was distributed to other regions. However, the Indians conceived this single or multi-stemmed Water pipe and through the British colonization of India, it was distributed throughout Western countries. Hookah has, since long ago, been a recreational pastime for many in Middle Eastern Countries. Its popularity has recently caught on in many Western countries, with the opening of Hookah Lounges and the distribution of Hookah parts gaining steam anywhere from the UK to the USA.
The first Hookahs were unlike those of modern-day smoking aficionados. Extremely primitive in design, function was the only aspect taken into consideration. Hookahs were often Coconut shells attached to a wooden pipe, and were primarily used to smoke opium or NHT (Non-Hookah Tobacco). As popularity for this newfound activity grew, hookah fever spread throughout the entire Persian Kingdom, anywhere from modern-day North Africa, all the way to the Middle-East and parts of Asia. The global consensus for the demand of hookah grew exponentially, becoming a staple of daily life.
Hookah proceeded to take its own variation in different regions. In Iran, the use of tobacco became popular. Hookah tobacco is unlike cigarette tobacco, with its distinct sweet smell and wet, sticky texture. Iranians use this tobacco inside the bowl for the hookah, and place smoldering coals directly above the tobacco, with no foil or cover for the bowl. This form of hookah is referred to as "Ghelyoon."
With the advent of Hookah in Turkey, socialites and intellectuals decided that the style of the Hookah must match that of their opulent lifestyle. Metals and glass were introduced as primary components of Hookah structure, while wood became less and less popular. Extravagant designs on Hookahs became popular, and multi-stemmed Hookahs were conveyed as a way to allow more people to smoke at a time.
From the mountain enclaves of Pakistan, to the lavish extravagance of Turkish aristocracy, and now to nearly every American college town, Hookah has turned into one of the most beloved recreational activities of our time. Transcending cultures and religion, it was created in order to allow people a time of relaxed conversation and discussion. It is now a daily norm that is aMFreciated by all, regardless of which side of the wall they live on.

The part about antiquity is really off base as tobacco was not available till America was discovered




Nasrudin Speaks

Mulla Nasrudin had been calling on his girlfriend for over a year. One evening the girl's father stoMFed him as he was leaving and asked, "Look here, young man, you have been seeing my daughter for a year now, and I would like to know whether your intentions are honorable or dishonorable?" Nasrudin's face lit up. "DO YOU MEAN TO SAY, SIR," he said, "THAT I HAVE A CHOICE




Hummus Bi Tahini

When I have a smoke, i like a little to nibble on between draws on the hose. Mostly I prepare a pipe when I am about to smoke. In the Middle East they have an assortment of aMFetizers that can be served with a hookah or with arak. Its called Meze and it can consist of many different. Here is just one.
Hummus, you can get it in the supermarket, you can also make it. Here is my recipe

I can chick peas(garbanzos)
2 or 3 tbspns Tahini( sesame paste, you probably have to go Middle eastern store to get it)
1/3 cup lemon juice
1 clove garlic minced fine or pressed
1 tblsn olive oil
pinch of salt

Put all this in a food processor and blend til smooth. If it too thick add a bit of water.

Now, when making this for myself I add:

1/2 tspn ground cumin
1 tblsn AleMFo peMFer ( which you can get from a wonderful store called Penzey's. they also have Zaatar,which is sumac, thyme and sesame seeds which you can sprinkle on the Hummus)

Serve with Pita bread

Garnish hummus with sumac or zaatar and a little olive oil and a few pinenuts if you wanna get fancy




Etiqette Of The Hose

In the East it is considering and insult to point the mouthpiece of hookah at another.(But you knew that)
Its about as rude as showing someone the soles of your shoes or feet. So when that journalist in Bagdad threw his shoe, at George W., it was viewed far more insulting from the Iraqi view than Bush's

Painting, Mughal India 17th or 18th century




Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

Welcome to my little corner of the souk. I have tales to tell, stories of old,whispers and shouts, nonsense and illuminating and a certain amount of trivia. Those who have encountered my rather recent arrival here, may know that I am a man of tradition. Here in dar ash Shisha, that runs to hookahs,history to the fantasies of of Alf Layla wa layla, the 1001 nights, and to the teachings of Nasruddin. Enjoy or ignore, such are choices here.




Fml- Dealing With Crazy Neighbors

So here's the deal. My husband and I had cut down a tree 3 years ago, and we were burning the stump. It took quite some time in order to get the stump burned all the way down to the desired level. My neighbors knew we were burning the stump. We were very careful to take the necessary precautions when burning it (digging a bole around the stump, and maintaining a very low fire). I went off to work while my husband maintained the burn. Since the fire had burned down to coals, he went in the house to grab a beer and some marshmallows for roasting because he figured he'd take the time to chill out while he was finishing his project. He heard a big diesel engine outside, and he went to investigate. Guess what?? The neighbors called the fire department.

Now here's a background on my neighbors. They had been finding ways to harass us as soon as we moved into our home three years ago. They called the city to report our lawn as "not being green enough" and for it being more than "6" long). They wrote us a nasty letter telling us that we should move to an apartment because we "clearly don't know how to own a house" and "that's where we belong". Since the, we installed Zoyzia grass to replace the craMFy grass we already had. The home we bought was a HUD home and it needed a lot of work on the inside. While we were working on the house, we had to remove a whole lot of crap, As we removed all of the crap, the neighbor called the city because we were removing it, and we were waiting until the weekend to haul it away. We thought she decided to bury the hatchet because she gave us a tile saw that her husband was no longer using. Her husband had been doing tile projects in his house, and since they finished, they had no use for it. A week later, the fire department was called. Luckilly, the fire department was very reasonable, and they asked my husband if he was having a cook out, and that the fire would be legal if he was. My husband said he was. The funny thing was that my other neighbor (whose really cool) came across the street and said "What? The neighbors are still harassing you guys? just so the fire deparment could hear him say it. With that, the fire department left us alone, and my husband added more wood to the fire just to piss off the neighbors. But the interesting thing was that the neighbors were outside when the fire department came. They were inside before the fire dept showed up.

I kept thinking to myself "What the hell is this woman's problem?" My husband and I keep to ourselves, we aren't loud, and we are friendly. We talk to the rest of our neighbors, and are friends with them. We maintain our yard, and have a lot of beautiful flowers. I talked to my friend about the situation, and she thinks the neighbor might be racist and have a problem with interracial relationships. I've spoken to them before all of the trouble started and they seemed like nice people. I'm thinking the neighbor's wife is one of those kinds of people who like to pretend to be nice and then case trouble just so she can pretend to be nice again. The sad thing is that I bought that house, so I'm stuck with it until I can fix it. I love my neighborhood, I just hate this woman and wish she would hurry up and die. She's not really old (mid to late 40s), and it seems like she's trying to compete with us. Every new thing we add to our yard, she does something similar. I have come to two conclusions throughout this ordeal:
1. she might be an unhaMFy woman who is probably going through menopause, and has to find something to control.
2. People in the US who say "love is blind" are full of shit. Love is only blind if you and your partner are of the same race, and same religion as long as the religion is in a familiar vein of Christianity.





Vortex Bowl Vs. Funnel Bowl

So i've done some testing with both the vortex bowl and the funnel bowl. Seemed like the vortex bowl kept the juices in the bowl and smoked longer than a funnel bowl. What do you guys think? Have you tried any of those bowls yet?




From: Air Fresheners!

A lot of it depends on your budget.

B/c I'm all about senses when it comes to my place for guests. Things are usually aesthetically pleasing and there are various smells that blend from place to place.

There are a few options:

-essential oils (in a spray bottle since you can't use candles)
- Yankee Candle Air spray (they have a new one that is suMFosed to neutralize odors and give a "clean" sent)
- Reed Diffusers (wood wick brand in my opinion or walmart brand works fine too)

* as a side note walmart carries "sprays" that give off a scent but the spray bottles suck. So my advice is get a spray bottle for 50 cents and then pour in the different fragrances you want to mix. Few sprays near the ceiling or on a fabric and you're in business.

Source: Air Fresheners!




Learning About Hookah

When I first started smoking, I thought wow. hookah is great. I can finally smoke something that taste great, keeps me relaxed, and keeps me social with my friend. Boy did I know there's so much more to smoking hookah. Everything makes a difference. The pipes, the coals, the shisha, the flavors, even the water makes a difference. In the future I hope to write some articles on all this stuff at my site Hookah Lounge Reviews.




Pipe Dreams: Smoking Hookah On The White House Balcony

Mister Obama it has been a year since you won the presidency and we have yet to once see you smoking hookah on the Truman Balcony.

And if there was ever a president to make my Pipe dream smoking on the truman balcony a reality it is this President.

I thought day one I would see President Obama take out the shisha and Hookah pipe. If I had just won the Presidency, a Hookah pipe would be on the second floor balcony as soon as the parade was over; that night at least I can assure you. I couldn't wait a year like Obama has. I mean look at this balcony and how it begs to have a hookah pipe smoking.

I imagined the press writing about the inspiration for Obamas Hookah doctrine. The president would respond in detail in between hits of the Hookah pipe about the hookah pipe chill doctrine. Then Obama would invite the press to smoke the Hookah pipe with him. As the press sat down the President would reach for his Ipod and play the Bossa Nova playlist. Cats would purr at dogs; lions and lambs would protect each other and Rahm Emanuel and Rush Limbaugh would decide its time to hug.

I Imagined world leaders sitting on the Truman balcony, smoking StarBuzz Blue mist or the Hypnosis Tobacco Mintchocolate chip. I imagined the picture of Obama reaching for his Tongs as Israel and Palestine walked the first steps to peace; agreeing that StarBuzz Pink is not just for girls.

The hookah pipe doctrine of Chill. A doctrine of taking a second to smoke and think before speaking. A doctrine of sharing and preparing for yourself and for others the best flavor Tobacco and the best flavors of life. The Hookah doctrine of the new and relaxed America. The confident America.

President Obama I know you're not saying that you look at the Truman balcony at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C. and don't think, "damn I want to smoke a hookah there."

And, President Obama you have hinted yourself that America needs to chill out. Start the hookah pipe chill of America. Mr president smoke
hookah pipe while looking out at the Washington Monument from the Truman balcony.

There is no denying that after a hard day that a grape/mint hookah, Maybe an AMFle Cinnamon hookah, would not at least be relieving stress. And a little less stress is the change I'm looking for.

To read the history of the Truman balcony visit the White house Museum website. http://www.whitehousemuseum.org/floor2/truman-balcony.htm




From: News - Hookah Bar Owner Pleads Not Guilty To Murder, Arson Charges - Foxreno.Com

<img alt="" height="1" width="1">Hookah Bar Owner Pleads Not Guilty To Murder, Arson Charges
The owner of the Palo Alto smoking lounge Da Hookah Spot was arrested in October 2009 and charged with murder and arson following an examination by ...
Zumot pleads 'not guilty' in girlfriend's deathPalo Alto Online
Palo Alto man pleads not guilty to murder chargesSan Jose Mercury News

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Source: News - Hookah Bar Owner Pleads Not Guilty To Murder, Arson Charges - FoxReno.com